Program Summary
A New Community Service:
Kids Sports, Fitness, & Education Inc, (K. S. F. & ED) collaborates with schools, community-based and faith based organizations.   We target youth between the ages of 7 through 14.  Our mission is to help fight Obesity and raise awareness about  type II diabetes in our community.

Our program provide youth a rewarding experience that last them a life time.  Upon completion of our work shops participants will learn to:

1. Analyze Concepts                         
2. Apply Basic Terms                        
3. Build Self Confidence and Self-Esteem                                                     
4. Draw Diagrams 
5. Eat Healthy (Nutrition)
6. Develop Problem Solving Skills
7. Foster Good Relations (Life Skills)
8. Practice Reading & Comprehension
9. Use Physical Warm Up Exercise
10. Use R.A.P. (Reinforcement) 

Nutrition Principle: 

The health status of our youth is on the decline, and obesity among the youth is at epidemic levels. Obesity is a precursor for many health challeges-particularly diabetes.  We teach young children about the health benefits and great taste of fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy snack choices. As you know good nourishment is a strong foundation for academic achievement. We demonstrate and encourage practice makes perfect, good nutrition principle as a life skill.

 Nutrition Seminars and Workshops:  Instructor, Vickie Marie, MA, RD, LDN,  Medical Nutrition Therapist

 Asst. Sekyla Hudson



The mission of this program is to give students comprehensive etiquette training to help them demonstrate respect and consideration for others, and develop the confidence and poise needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive society. 

 Body Awareness Workshops: Instructor Candace Smith Handy, Clinical Nurse, Instructor City Colleges,
Asst. Sekyla Hudson   

Kids Sports Fitness & Education Inc. appreciate your support we accept donations and In-kind gifts.

Thank you in advance.

Coach Al Williams & Coach Cyrus Hawkins